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Monica Han, certified denturist, and her team at Stonegate Denture are committed to excellence in every aspect of patient care. Our first priority is you, and we offer several treatment options to restore your oral health, beautiful smile, and quality of life. Removable complete dentures are the most popular choice when all upper or lower teeth are missing or in need of extraction.

Types of complete dentures

There are several options available, depending on your needs and preferences:

  • Classic upper or lower dentures – When teeth are extracted, it takes some time for the gum and bone to heal. There is also significant shrinkage of tissue in the first few months after extractions, which will alter the contours inside your mouth. For classic, or conventional, dentures, we will wait until this healing period has passed and tissue is stable before taking impressions. This method provides a snug, comfortable, long-lasting fit.
  • Immediate upper or lower dentures – These appliances are created in advance and placed in your mouth immediately after extractions. They will likely need to be relined or replaced after about six months.
  • BPS lower suction dentures – This type of denture utilizes advanced materials and impression techniques, resulting in a bifunctional appliance that works in harmony with subtle muscle movements.
  • Implant-retained complete dentures – For maximum comfort and stability, we can design or retrofit your denture to fit over implants. A fixed denture remains in place just like natural teeth. Removable styles securely snap over implants, and they can be taken out for cleaning.

Benefits of complete dentures

A quality crafted denture can give you a beautiful, natural looking smile. It also alleviates the pain and discomfort of ill-fitting dentures or living with no teeth. You will be able to speak clearly, chew effectively, and smile with confidence. Most importantly, it restores your quality of life.

Choosing the best option

Treatment at Stonegate Denture begins with a free, one-on-one consultation with a certified, experienced denturist. During this appointment, we will perform an examination to assess your oral health needs, as well as discussing your goals, concerns, and preferences. Give us a call at 416-878-9353 and schedule a free consultation to get started.

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Success Stories

Jeta D.

Monica is so calm and so patient. She went above and beyond to help me fix my broken dentures when I needed them the most. She is understanding, compassionate and super kind. Monica was able to complete a difficult job within a couple of hours and provided me with the best possible service. She took the time to listen to my concerns and made me feel very comfortable. Because of her, I was able to continue with my original plans and travel abroad. I am so thankful for everything that she has done. She is truly amazing and one of a kind! If you are reading this, I would like to say....Thank-you so much Monica. I really appreciate all of your help.

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Nair N.

Monica and Angela are wonderful people to deal with. They make you feel comfortable considering having dentures made can be an embarrassing experience. Monica listens to your concerns from the initial fitting until the final denture is made. The dentures look natural and felt comfortable, it's close to having a new set of real teeth without breaking the pocket. It took several visits to get the right fit but Monica always puts you at ease and is very professional, you feel comfortable discussing your expectations on how the denture should look and feel. I would recommend their clinic to anyone considering to have dentures made. Five star service from their Denture Clinic.

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Janusz R.

I agree 100% with what Rob Elst wrote in his review. Stanegate Denture Clinic is the best place to get your new dentures. I had to get new dentures and based on Monica recommendation I picked a new set (top and bottom) today. I have to say new dentures are just fantastic. No more using messy glue but what is most important Monica was able to produce is exceptional fit. No often now days one is able to find place like Stonegate clinic with professional and friendly staff which manage to make you feel welcome and relax. Thank you very much Monica and Angela!

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