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CDCP - Canadian Dental Care Plan Accepted at Stonegate Denture Clinic in Etobicoke

Updated: Jun 28

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) emphasizes specialized care, especially in dentures.

Stonegate Denture Clinic, a registered service provider, offers unmatched expertise in denture services.

Comprehensive Care:

Under the CDCP, comprehensive denture care is essential, and Stonegate Denture Clinic excels in delivering excellence. From free initial consultations to precise fittings and ongoing maintenance, our dedicated team ensures every aspect of denture care is handled with precision and compassion.


To access the dental care program, you must:

- Be a Canadian resident

- Lack access to dental insurance

- Have an adjusted family net income below $90,000

- Have filed your 2023 tax return

Applications are now open for eligible seniors aged 65 and older.

Tailored Services:

For CDCP-eligible individuals, Stonegate Denture Clinic offers tailored services including professional assessments, custom-made dentures, adjustments, repairs, and educational resources. Patients can trust our expertise to meet their oral health needs with the highest standards of quality.

Exceptional Care:

Even for individuals not covered by the CDCP, Stonegate Denture Clinic provides outstanding denture services. With a reputation for award-winning customer service, every patient, regardless of insurance status, receives personalized attention and care.

Focus on Well-being:

Our focus is unwaveringly on improving oral health and overall well-being. Whether through the CDCP or private arrangements, patients can trust our dedication to delivering exceptional denture care experiences.

Book Your Free Consultation:

Call Stonegate Denture Clinic today at 416.878.9353 for your free consultation. Let us ensure that every smile reflects comfort, confidence, and quality craftsmanship.

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