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The Annual Checkup

Keep Your Dentures Looking, Feeling Great: A Guide To The Annual Dental Checkup In Etobicoke, ON

It is important to maintain your dentures to ensure the maximum comfort, function, appearance to feel your best. An annual checkup is an opportunity to identify any problems and possibly save you money and trouble in the future.


Oral Tissue and Jaw Bone

Over time, your mouth undergoes inevitable changes. Shrinkage of the underlying jaw bone on which your dentures rest is unavoidable. The soft gum tissue that covers the jaw bone will also change over time. Your denture’s fitting surfaces do not change over time, and your dentures may not fit as they once did.



What to expect during your annual visit:

· Updating of your dental and medical history

· Intra-oral examination to check for any abnormalities or changes in your oral tissues

· Checking the integrity of your dentures for chips, cracks and worn, loose or missing teeth

· Checking the esthetics, stability and bite

· Discussing options available based on your needs

· Reviewing of oral hygiene procedures and denture care


We are here to help you achieve and maintain optimum oral health.

Also, with our full denture lab on-site, same-day denture repairs and reline services are available.

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