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Denture Services



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Complete Dentures

 Removable complete dentures are the most popular choice when all upper or lower teeth are missing or in need of extraction.


BPS Lower Suction


Monica Han offers a unique solution as a certified denturist, and a certified BPS denture (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) and SEMCD (Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture) clinician. BPS lower suction dentures are made by using a precision technique with the highest quality materials to design the lower denture to stay in place without denture adhesives or costly implants.




The implant-retained dentures are partial or complete dentures that snap securely over implants, which provide the stable fit and improved functions.

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Immediate Dentures

We understand the challenges of living without teeth while waiting for a new appliance. That is why we offer immediate dentures. These specially designed dentures are worn during the transition period, after teeth are extracted and before you are ready for a permanent denture.


Partial Dentures

Partial denture replaces one or more missing natural teeth and is customized to a patient’s individual needs. Removable partial dentures restore a person’s natural appearance and greatly improve the ability to chew and speak clearly.


Rebase, Relines and Repairs

Over time your mouth and dentures undergo inevitable changes. Dentures should be replaced every five to seven years to restore optimum fit, function and appearance. In the meantime, if your dentures require a repair or relining, your denturist can best advise you of the most suitable treatment plan.


Soft Liner Alternative

Soft liners are used to increase chewing comfort in new or existing dentures. Soft liners are bonded to the surface of dentures and rest on the oral tissues. The soft liner acts as a shock absorber between the hard plastic denture base and the sensitive oral tissues covering the jaw ridges. If you are suffering with denture sore spots, speak to your Denturist about how a soft liner may help you.

Perfect Smile

Annual Checkup

It is important to maintain your dentures to ensure the maximum comfort, function, appearance to feel your best. An annual checkup is an opportunity to identify any problems and possibly save you money and trouble in the future.

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