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All-on-4 Dentures: A Perfect Smile at Stonegate Denture Clinic in Etobicoke

All-on-4 dentures offer a full set of teeth with just four implants. At Stonegate Denture Clinic, known for its award-winning skills and outstanding customer service, this procedure is both easy and comfortable.

Who is Eligible?

All-on-4 dentures are ideal for people who have lost most or all of their teeth. If traditional dentures cause discomfort or slip, or if you want a permanent solution, this could be right for you. Even with bone loss in the jaw, you might still be eligible because the implants are placed in areas with sufficient bone.

The Process

1. Consultation: Your journey starts with a consultation at Stonegate Denture Clinic. Their friendly team assesses your dental health, takes X-rays, and discusses your options.

2. Treatment Planning: If you're a suitable candidate, a personalized treatment plan is created with precise measurements and models of your mouth for a perfect fit.

3. Implant Placement: Next is the surgical placement of the four implants. These titanium posts are inserted into your jawbone, providing a strong foundation. The skilled team ensures minimal discomfort during the surgery.

4. Temporary Dentures: Immediately after implant placement, you'll receive temporary dentures to maintain appearance and functionality while your implants heal.

5. Final Dentures: After a few months, once the implants have integrated, you'll return for your custom-made final dentures, designed to look natural and feel comfortable.

Why Stonegate Denture Clinic?

Stonegate Denture Clinic is renowned for its technical expertise and compassionate care. Our clinic has won numerous awards for its commitment to patient satisfaction, and we ensure every patient feels comfortable and supported throughout the process.

If you're seeking a reliable and professional solution for missing teeth, consider the All-on-4 dentures at Stonegate Denture Clinic. Our exceptional skills and customer service ensure you'll leave with a smile you're proud to show off.

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