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Enjoy Ultimate Smile Stability With Implant Retained Dentures In Etobicoke ON

Over time your teeth get used and wasted and, in some instances, may require replacement to maintain the function of your oral cavity.

The most common solutions are implants or dentures, but if you still feel insecure and require more stability or strength, implant-retained dentures might be the option for you! They are partial or complete dentures that are fitted securely over implants and can also be obtained as a removable pair.

The advantages of using implant-retained dentures are that they feel natural while assuring no risk of loosening, allowing you to be confident and self-assured. The procedure involves a complimentary consultation and implant placement surgery amongst several discussions.

For further details, please contact Stonegate Denture at 416-878-9353 today!

Click here to learn more about implant-retained dentures.

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