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Etobicoke Denturist Explains Suction For Lower Dentures

Dentures are a long-standing solution for those who have lost their teeth due to decay or trauma. The technology behind dentures has advanced since the early days. Today’s dentures have a more natural appearance and are more stable and comfortable for denture wearers. However, many patients still report complete lower denture is slipping and feeling like the dentures could fall out.

Denturist Monica Han, a SEMCD (SUCTION EFFECTIVE MANDIBULAR COMPLETE DENTURE) certified clinician, from Stonegate Denture Clinic, helps patients with suction issues by conventional complete lower dentures.

If you are experiencing loose dentures, tired of using denture adhesive, and hesitant to go through costly implant surgery, SEMCD suction denture could be the solution for you.

What Are Lower Suction Dentures?

Simply put, suction dentures are dentures that create suction to stay in place. These dentures do not require a mechanical device to achieve suction.

Creating your suction dentures requires a precise impression technique to capture your mouth movements. The patient is an active part of this procedure. You will be asked to execute certain motions and movements with your mouth. This process provides a more realistic impression of your mouth’s interior, ensuring a well-fitting denture. Also, setting up teeth position using a fully adjustable articulator to work harmoniously with muscle movement.

To achieve the best suction dentures, we employ advanced technology and use the highest denture quality material to make the suctions dentures last longer.

Am I A Candidate For Lower Suction Dentures?

To find out, a consultation with a SEMCD ( SUCTION EFFECTIVE MANDIBULAR COMPLETE DENTURE ) certified clinician is necessary. Approximately 80% of denture patients are a candidate for lower suction dentures. Even though you are not a candidate, suction dentures will better compare to conventional dentures.

Suction dentures will improve the quality of your life, and you will no longer require denture adhesive!

You can regain your confidence and a beautiful smile with secured and comfortable suction dentures!

If you are considering dentures, know that there are many options and variations. Monica Han and her team have been helping patients find the right choice to meet their oral health needs, their lifestyle, and their budget for many years.

For more information about lower suction dentures, contact at Stonegate Denture Clinic at 416-878-9353.

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