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Say Goodbye to Slippage: Discover SEMCD Suction Dentures at Stonegate for a Secure Smile and Unmatched Comfort.

Dentures offer a longstanding solution for tooth loss, with modern advancements providing a natural appearance and enhanced comfort. Yet, issues persist for many wearing complete lower dentures, reporting slippage and insecurity.

Monica Han, a certified SEMCD (SUCTION EFFECTIVE MANDIBULAR COMPLETE DENTURE) clinician at Stonegate Denture Clinic, addresses suction concerns with conventional lower dentures.

If you're tired of loose dentures, adhesive woes, and reluctant to undergo costly implant surgery, SEMCD suction dentures may be your solution.

What Are Lower Suction Dentures?

Suction dentures create suction to stay in place without the need for a mechanical device.

Precision is key in crafting suction dentures. Your active involvement in executing specific mouth movements ensures a realistic impression of your mouth's interior. Advanced technology and high-quality materials are employed for durability.

Am I A Candidate For Lower Suction Dentures?

Find out through a consultation with a SEMCD-certified clinician. About 80% of denture patients qualify, and even if you don't, suction dentures often outperform conventional ones.

Enhancing life quality, suction dentures eliminate the need for adhesive, offering a secure and comfortable solution.

Regain confidence and a beautiful smile with Stonegate Denture Clinic. With numerous options tailored to your oral health needs, lifestyle, and budget, Monica Han and her team assist patients in finding the right denture choice.

For more information on lower suction dentures, contact Stonegate Denture Clinic at 416-878-9353.

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